Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Book wreath

Book wreaths fascinate me so!

After seeing so many, I decided to make my own.
There is no full tutorial with this. I just played with it until it "felt right."

So I started with a Wolverine Boot Box and some mixing bowls to make my cardboard wreath. Using a larger mixing bowl, I traced around the top of it. Then i used a smaller bowl, I place in the center of the first circle and traced around the top of that.

I tore out several pages (I did save the songs that I remembered most, songs that I sang sitting with my grandparents at church. My favorite song that we never sang in the Baptist Church was "O Happy Day!") and began rolling and forming different things.

Once I figured out what I wanted to do, I hot glued it to the cardboard wreath I made to get this ...

I love the center of this! I had no idea that it would turn out like this!  

I think this will probably stay up year long!



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