Friday, November 25, 2011

What I am Thankful For ...

I am thankful for many things like most people - GOD, family, friends, home, job, and food on the table.

These are very important things that we too often forget that we are wealthier than most of the rest of the world.

I am thankful that I am reminded of this especially during the holidays.

It is far better to give than to receive.

I am thankful that my parents instilled in us to have a desire to help others in need.

I am thankful that my little family is continuing in this tradition.

I am thankful for the little things in life even if they last but for a moment - a rainy afternoon causing me to slow down and enjoy myself, flowers that need planting, an empty laundry basket, a students who finally "gets it," a husband who loves me, a husband that does the floors, a sweet Tootsie that nudges me when she needs some loving, a family where there is never a dull moment, a great church, friends who you can share secrets with, and being loved even when you fill you least deserve it.

There is so much to be thankful for! I need to count my blessing every day and show gratitude for what I do have.

I believe that when we realize our blessings it not only gives us hope for future blessings but also refreshes us.

What are some of the little things in life that you are thankful for?


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