Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bird Shower

Baby sister recently help host a wonderful shower for a dear friend and cousin of ours. She asked me if I would make the decorations. What fun we had at the is shower!

The bride's last name was Byrd so I thought we could play on that.

And if you know my mother, you would know that she loves birds and has even had a bird Christmas tree in the past. So we were able to put birds all over the place without getting too birdy ...

Marriage Advice ... always fun!

It always helps to have a place where people can write their addresses on envelopes to help the bride out!

Now, for showers at my mother's house, we go all out. Real plates, silverware, and punch cups. Snack plates is what we actually use, and I love all the different personalities that these lovely plates offer.

I love a table with different heights and textures.

The spread. My favorite part is the grazing afterwards!

 Fruit and Fruit Dip

Breakfast casserole with Rotel. Yummy!

Cream Cheese is my first love especially when it has jam over it!

Sausage Crescents

Monkey Bread! Eek! Sorry, I could resist some Beauty Shop!

Betty Love's Southern Living Strawberry Swirl Cake

The food was delicious and the party was very sweet! The Bride was very blessed, and there were some things I am surprised she made it home with! Ha!

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. What a cute theme for a shower! And especially tying in with the last name :) I think everything was tastefully decorated! And that food table is making me hungry! :)


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