Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Favorite Things ... Tomato Edition

I am some what of a tomato snob in that I like my tomatoes fresh. Therefore, I get my fill of tomatoes in the summer, and my tomatoes are finally coming in!

This is my first ripe tomato ...

which I promptly made this ...

I also love them on biscuits!

This is what my tomato plants started out like ...

And now they look like this ...

I think I may have planted too much in one spot. Who knew that you are suppose to pinch off the suckers? Well, I do now and will use that knowledge next year. As I was talking to my grandmother about my garden, I told her that next year will be better. She said the same, and I was so relieved that my grandmother is still working on perfecting her garden!

Romas are really coming in!

As well as my Better Boys!

So, I'm sure that when I start back to school, these beauties will be ready, and my learning how to can will be starting!

Do you think I can go to the local nursing home and find me a sweet older lady who can come and teach me?

We shall see!


  1. Tomatoes are my FAVORITE food! My grandfather sent me a ton of ripe tomatoes last month that I had to do something with quick so we had BLTs, homemade tomato soup, fresh salsa,... It was great:) {I think I'm a snob too about those things!}

  2. That is one thing Terry and I both agree on — we hate tomatoes. lol But everyone else on both sides of our families LOVE them. You and your green thumb are producing some great produce!


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