Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Power of Housekeeping

I have just a few weeks left before things get really hectic, and I am afraid that my few weeks are going to be jammed pack. So, I am trying to create a little household binder to keep me organized when things get hectic. Hectic, meaning I PASSED MY SCIENCE TEST!!!!

Before I tell you about my current solution to hectic, I want to share a little story.

Last Friday morning, I knew that I could get my test results by phone (after paying a little more $ to Praxis. Yuk). I got up a little early to walk in order to make my phone call right at 7 o'clock. As I prepared for the day and began my walk, I felt very peaceful and calm. I just kept praying for GOD's desire to be my desire and this number 153 kept popping in my head. I just shook it off because I knew I had to have a 142 in order to pass, so a 153 would be awesome. As bad as I tried to shake it off, it just kept coming up.

I finally called to get my results, and the gentlemen on the other end said, "Congratulations! You have passed your test with a score of 153!" Imagine that! Talk about reformation! Thank you, Jesus! Now to just get a job!

Thank you to all of those that encouraged me, prayed for me, and cheered me on as I embarked on this crazy journey! I could not have done it without you!


So it will be hectic in about a month! Therefore, a household binder may come in handy!

 I find housekeeping very fascinating and often it relaxes me. Crazy right? I said often, not always. There are some nights I don't won't to follow the monthly menu and Ken has to dial, get, or create a meal for us.  Heck, there are times I don't even make a monthly menu, and that is quite interesting!

Housekeeping can be great when things are going right and fall by the wayside when things don't. I believe for me, however, that in order to make your house your home, you must do a little housekeeping.

I'm not talking about that you must-stick-to-routine-and-make-sure-everything-gets-cleaned-every-week. I am talking about creating a doable schedule or routine that fits you and your family. One that can be revamped as necessary. One that creates rhythm and flow so you don't sweat the small stuff.

For me, when my home feels stable, I feel that everything is right with the world. There are times, I can live with a little clutter. There are other times that I let the clutter build up until I just have to tackle it. I feel so much better once I have tackled it and can move on. 
Have you ever researched making a household binder? Oh my word, there are so many great ideas, some that would work for us and some would not. There are some women who are extremely organized. I just need a little organization to get me into a routine.

 I really do better with a routine. Without a routine, I may or may not find myself on the couch watching countless hours of Desperate Housewives. This would not be very Bree.

In my research, I have found several different blogs of inspiring women, different printables, and lots and lots of ideas of creating a homemaking binder. There are even places where you can get a membership to a company that will create lists for you. Right now, I am too cheap for that. I made my own.

I will be sharing what I did with my binders over the next couple of days.


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  1. Well first off, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knew you could do it!! When it's meant to be, it's meant to be!!! =)

    I'm interested in seeing the post about your new binder. I like organization, but we are never doing the same thing every week because of other plans coming into play... Maybe, just maybe, after seeing your binder — we can adapt to something like it that will fit for us.



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