Friday, May 13, 2011

Changes ...

Change can be a good thing. Like, I am changing my blog around, and I like it. It is underconstruction and will probably be that way for a while. Those cute little tabs under our title do not work right now, but one day they will.

I will let you know when that one day comes.

The week of the storms was very stormy for me indeed. That Monday, my principal came into my office, and I was wondering if I needed a tissue.

I did.

He basically said that due to buget cuts, I no longer had a position.

Another tissue, please.

He said that if I took the Science Praxis test and passed, he might have a position for me.

Another tissue, please.

I do not like this change, nor do I like to study at all.

But a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Sometimes, I feel like I want to do this ...

but until then, this will by my new best friend ...

and I will not be able to share any new posts with you all until June 13ish.

 I cannot promise you, however, that I will sneak to post one of the many upcoming events in my life such as a wedding shower, wedding #1, wedding #2, and the birth of a baby.

I cannot promise that at all.

Until then, I will be studying for my Praxis Science test, AGAIN! The last time I took this test, I sat by a woman that told me she had taken it like 10 times and never passed. Oh, great!

I will also be thinking about other options in case the unfathomable happens. Which, by the way, my husband totally rocks and has been helping me Google those options, but I am not going there quite yet.  I don't know if GOD is allowing a new door in education to be open or opening a window for me to jump out of into a new career! We shall see, and hopefully, I am done with the tissues!
Be ready to see me back on June 13ish! Unless, of course, I sneak some posts in!


  1. You will do great!!! Have faith and you know will pass. Will miss your wonderful posts, but look forward to those sneaky ones! =)

  2. You will do great!! Look Maygen Crowe up on facebook. She teaches science now and loves it (8th grade). I need to take the Praxis I and am scared to death about that one. Good Luck!! We will miss you!

  3. Haven, I'm sorry to hear that the winds of change have caught you in their upsweep, and I respect your decision to lay low from blogging while studying for that big test. I wish you the best, and have every confidence that you'll be a success. From what I've seen of your creativity, resourcefulness, talent, and intellect on your blog, you'll be a success in any endeavor.

    Jenn/Rook No. 17


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