Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Friday started out with a bang. After a grueling day in a computer lab with some middle schoolers, I was very thankful to be going to Sam's and to eat at my favorite Mexican place. We also had Target for dessert. Talk about a date night!!

Sam's has a magical way of calming me. I love going to the over sized warehouse to get over sized things to put in our house which is not over sized. Who wants to clean an over sized house?

On our way home, we made up our own words to the Taylor Swift songs. We already know her works, not by choice, so we decided to make up our own. Hilarious. You should try it sometime.

We then decided to watch a movie. We put the Back Up Plan in at 7:10, and turned it off at 7:20. Not JLo's best movie. We then put in Bounty Hunter at 7:25, and turned it off at 7:45 vowing to finish later. We could not take it anymore, so we went to bed. Yes, at 7:45, because we are party animals like that.

Woke up at 1:00, because I remembered that a package was on the door step. Got back in bed and woke up Ken to tell him something funny. He laughed but didn't appreciate being woke up.

I reminded him for better or for worse. He replied that it would be better for him to sleep in another room. He then rolled over and competed with Tootsie in a snoring match.

I think went on to write down this part of the blog post because it was rolling around in my head. Am I the only one to do this? Really, you too? Great!

Finally went to bed, but was awoken by a chocolate lab who was HUNGRY!!! Happy Saturday to me!

That was okay because we went to Mono Sano and walked Tootsie on the trail. You may remember us going in the fall with Middle Sister.

Tootsie loves popping in and out of culverts.

After that, we just wanted to leave her!

Just kidding!

We really had a great time, and the weather was perfect!
Currently, my house is looking a little like this:

 and Tootsie wants to go out and play ...

Things have to get worse before they get better. Project pictures coming soon!!!


  1. We usually go to Sams once a month. It's great getting all the stuff we need for the month and only go to the grocery store for meats, vegetables and fruit. However, the Meridian Sams only has 2 lanes open every time we go... so, while the shopping is fun, checking out isn't quite so much fun! The weather was perfect to take Toots out. We have been sitting outside enjoying the beautiful, warm weather and cooking out with the neighbors. Hope you have a great week!

    Oh and don't let the cheesecake intimidate you - if you put your mind to it - you can do it! =)

  2. Yep, Mexican food and Target= perfect date night.


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