Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Highlights

It was a very nice weekend at our house!

Please remember Middle sister in your prayers! She and her friend will be leaving for Africa on Thursday! They will be there for about two weeks.
You may see me with a little moisture in my eyes. I am just being a older sister!
  • On Friday, we kicked off the weekend with a Red Baron Pizza and drove to Sonic in our PJ's for a hot fudge sundae! I was totally saving some calories for this but may have went a little overboard, but chocolate and ice cream were involved. One must take one for the team.

  • On Saturday, we spent half the day trying to get Ken's truck were it needed to be. It was towed all over town, so hopefully we will see what needs to be fixed. This is what happens when you have over 100,000 miles on a vehicle. We are crossing our fingers that it will not involve our whole tax refund.

  • Spring cleaning came early to our house and occupied the other half of the day. I mean, not only did we do our weekly cleaning, but also dusted ceiling fans, baseboards, cleaned windows and windowsills, wiped off bathroom fixtures, and attacked any type of dust we saw. I feel so much better that this part is done. Ken just feels tired and made me promise that this only happened once a year. I will eventually have to break it to him that we still have closets, cabinets, and drawers to do later. 

  •  We are visiting a new church and decided to go to a Sunday School Class. We really enjoyed it. There were six people in Sunday School - three were from Mississippi and five were State fans. We felt right at home.

  • We road around and enjoyed the sunshine, a little bit of barbecue, and played outside for the remainder of Sunday. I even worked in my flower beds and saw where our daffodils are starting to just barely come through the ground! This made my heart smile!

 Here's to a great week!


  1. Haven!! I love that you went to Sonic in your PJs. I also love that you had Red Barron pizza!! They are yummy!! Ever tried the California Pizza Kitchen ones? They are yummy too. I am sorry about Ken's truck situation maybe it will be easy breezy. They say you are either paying a note or paying for service. It's unending isnn't it? I wish "middle sister" safe travels. Take care and I love your new look!! :)

  2. I just love how you can take everyday activities and make them sound like so much fun!


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