Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good Reads: Book Edition

I got a Kindle for Christmas, and have really enjoyed it! I have always enjoyed reading, and this has brought a whole new world for me! I look forward to going to the gym, because I can read and exercise. Ken is so pleased that he doesn't have to drag me to the gym with him now.

My friend Brooke often discusses and shares her new reads. She is such an inspiration not only with her books but also with her bargain hunting skills, decorating style, and having fun with her family! Her daughter is just precious!

Being inspired by Brooke, here are some good reads that I have enjoyed over the past month and a half:

Oh, how I love me some Fannie Flagg! She is one of my favorite Alabama authors, and Ken went and got a signed copy for me!

First book to read on the Kindle! It was really good! I enjoy a good Nicholas Sparks book. The Notebook will always be my favorite!

 Water for Elephants was one of those that keeps you thinking even after you finish it.

Great Christian love story!

Fun read with lots of wonderful recipes!

I may the last person in the world to know about these books. It was another fun read. Weird, but fun.

This book was free on my Kindle. It was definitely one of those that I keep thinking about days after reading. If you enjoyed Secret Life of Bees, then you will enjoy this book. It will keep you guessing, as well as make you stay up to read it.

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