Friday, February 11, 2011

American Pickers

Have you ever ever watched the show, American Pickers? I love how they find such beautiful gems in a pile of rubble.

I come from a long line of women and men that often find gems in a pile of rubble or it may be that we just hang on to things until they come back in style.

Basically we love junk turning something someone else thought was useless into something very beautiful and useful. I often find myself serving on the road because I am too busy looking at what someone has thrown out or hauling. That is why I let Ken drive. That is why Ken wants to drive.

Recently, Middle sister and I helped mama clean our our old bathroom at her house. There were several things that I wanted. Here are some things that I "picked" that I thought would be good.

I love how the colors have faded off the bird! It fits perfectly in my living room.

Old beer bottle that was bottled in Mississippi. We have no idea how this got in the bathroom. It was bottled in 1993. I would have been 12. I was not a rule-breaker. I was always a good child, so there is no way I would have brought this in the house. Who knows!

I do know that I enjoyed shooting this bottle. I love how the light bounces off of it!

This is my favorite find! How cute would this be for a vintage wedding shower or decorating a vintage wedding. I can see it hanging on the back of chairs, off a table cloth, or decorating the cake table.

My father also has a barn full of good picks! I enjoy going there during the fall and spring when it is free of snakes to see what I could find.

Hey, spring is just around the corner, so who knows!

Have a wonderful warmer weekend! I think we are going to take Tootsie girl to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow!

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