Monday, January 10, 2011

Middle Sister Weekend

I know I haven't told you, but middle sister is going to Africa in February for two week through this organization. She was rear-ended in Memphis, felt a connection with the girl that did it, and it now going with her to be a photographer. She will not only be photographing the families there, she will also be showing others how to take great pictures for expanding their ministry.

With saying that, Ken had a weekend with his boys, and much to my delight middle sister came to see me! We had the best time shopping, relaxing, and crafting.

On Friday, we did a little digging at Dirt Cheap and came out with treasures like a disco ball, picture frames and curtain rods along with of curtains that will be used for fabric and whatnot. We ate at my favorite mexican restaurant and shopped till we dropped. In order to resesitate ourselves, we decided to take in The Fighter with

a little bit of him

After seeing a little bit of him, it made us hungry so we went to Scene, the restaurant inside the theater. There we hade sweet potato fries with blue cheese dressing and some spicy tuna rolls. It was divine! I got tickled at the waitress, whe she asked what movie we saw, she said that Marky Mark was her husband. I hated to tell her that he was my exhusband (sometimes, I can't get enough of him. I mean, have you ever seen Shooter?)

Saturday was a fun filled day of just relaxing. No make up, good food, and good times. We finally made her burlap curtains (tutorial coming soon), and I whipped up some camera straps. We then just lounged. It was marvelous.

I was sad to see her leave on Sunday, but really enjoyed having her.

Legally Blond was playing at our local Broadway theater, and I was asked to go with a wonderful cousin of mine. We had a a great time, and was four rows back. I love seeing all that really goes on when ou are sitting that close!

So today will be a snow day. My house is clean and as organized as it is going to be. The laundry is almost done, and I intend to PLAY!!!

I expect to see a lot of this

and eat a lot of this

Happy SNOW DAY!!!!

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  1. I love your new blog Haven!! I have been trying to read up and do some updating with mine but, its such a daunting task it seems. I made a new header and can't figure out how to use it. UGH!!! Yours looks great!!


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