Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Make No-Sew Burlap Curtains

My sister came last weekend, and I mentioned that we made some burlap curtains. These will be short panels that she will tie up with ribbon. I will show you the process that we did, but due to not having a finished, hanging curtain, I will show you one of my panels that I made last year for our bedroom.

Heat and Hem tape
Measuring stick

We got seven yards of fabric for four windows. We used five feet for each window.

Realize that burlap comes in 36-48 inches wide. I chose to fold our fabric and then cut across the top hortizonally. I did not cut in half vertically, because burlap's sides are already hemmed. I did not want to mess that up and have to re-hem. That and I am really lazy when it comes to that.

Measured out five feet for each window.

There is a secret to cutting burlap. I remembered on the last cut. Ha! When you go to make your first cut, cut just 3 inches and then pull a string. It should create a line that goes all the way across your burlap for a perfect cutting line.

We will make the part of the curtain that will hang on the rod. Take each panel and place your heat and hem tape about five - six inches down. Then fold the top of your burlap on top of the tape.

Set your iron on high, and then iron away, pausing about 10 seconds on each section. 

Your pocket should look like this.

Next, take the bottom of your panel and go about 2-3 inches with the tape. You don't need a big pocket here, just enough to hem it. 

You can either hang on a curtain rod or with clips like I did in our bedroom.

 It does help if you have two people doing this. One to iron as the other holds. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to make 4 panels. If you have any questions, let me know. Sometimes tutorials are confusing.

Oh, by the way, did you notice my new ironing board cover?

 Ken's parents gave it to us for Christmas. It is very old and very vintage. In fact, I even think that my Aunt Dovie may have sewed this when she worked at the GEM plant in Byhalia where Ken's Dad worked in the late 70's early 80's. That makes me smile, because I really missed Aunt Dovie this Christmas.

Why did I get a new ironing cover, you ask?

Because sometimes your projects go up in smoke!


  1. Love this! Why were you not this talented when you lived here? Haha...the only way I will forgive you is by moving back! Did it work? Miss you!

  2. I love your tutorials. You always make it sound like anyone can do it. But we all know, you have a special talent in the creative area!! Love the new ironing board cover...

  3. love these. maybe i should try this in my guest bedroom!

  4. Yay!! Love your new fonts. I was super excited to find them!! I did a complete overhaul YET again. HAHA

  5. Any good recommendations for great burlap at a great price?

  6. I am tackling a curtain project with burlap this spring! Just waiting on Joann's to put out a coupon...yours turned out nicely. (: I love the look and scent of burlap - weird, I know...but I really do!


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