Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Tootsie Overload

It seems like every time I get out my camera, Tootsie wants her picture taken! So, if you read my blog for decorating or inspiration, stay tuned for Friday. If you want to continue reading or looking, do so at your own risk! You do not have to read it unless of course unless you are related to Tootie in any way.

Tootsie and her daddy are like two peas in a pod, bffs, man's best friend. She adores Ken as you can tell.

 "Who you talking to Daddy?"

" I am going to get you!"

"See, I told you!"

"Pose please!"


"Put the phone down, and smile with me!"

"This is my serious look."


"If I thow it, they will come"

"I am so pretty, so pretty!"

"Will you play with me, please?"

"I am outta here!"

"Okay, I am almost done with my photo session."

"I need some heat, please, because baby it is cold outside."

"I am done with this photo session."




  1. She is the cutest little (big) thing!! I LOVED the pictures! I'm sure Santa will be good to her this year!!

  2. Crazy Dog. She loves the camera....I think it works both ways :)


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