Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pepe Le Pew

I interrupt this sweet, wonderful, musically filled Christmas special to bring you some reality!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would have to do this! Here I am trying to talk on the phone, prepare dinner, and get other things together. Tootsie is hitting the door handle as always, so I let her out so that she would quit worry me over wanting to go outside.

After a few minutes, she starts the barking outside. This is her cue for us to let her in. She has us trained.

Ken lets her in, and this horrible, toxic, no good, very bad smell follows her. After catching our breath, Ken puts her back out and after a few minutes we decided that Tootsie has met her match and has been skunked. (Maybe it because she has become the chipmunk killer in our back yard. Yes, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are no longer around).

I had Ken look it up on the internet to see what we were to do. I also had him go and get some old clothes out of my hunting bag. (Apparently it is really my old clothes bag because I haven't hunted in years. Southern girls just need a bag labeled for hunting!). So on with the yellow gloves so that I could put Hunt's tomato sauce on the spots where she got sprayed. Ken was running in and out of the house with a bucket of warm water. Comedy Hour 101.

There is nothing like dousing your beloved pet with tomato sauce as it splashes back to your head while she is trying to lick it off of herself! After doing this a couple of times, she still smelled. I decided to see if there were any deskunking remover, and there was! Our beloved TSC had it! It was called Nature's Miracle Skunk Oder Remover. They apparently are very smart people. Once I brought it home and Ken put it on her, it was like the heavens opened up! That stuff is great!

However, Tootsie had to spend the night in the shop. This is probably why I cannot sleep and had to write this post. Either that or Ken and I keep waking each other up saying, "Do you still smell it?" There is nothing better than sniffing your spouse in the middle of the night for a specific skunk smell, not finding it, but knowing that it is there. On top of this, my poor baby is not in her bed in our room and all I can think about is that she is just freezing in the 45 degree shop! So needless to say, I will need a nap very soon!

When they say dogs prepare you for children, I have to totally agree. After getting home from getting my deskunk remover, I text my mom saying, "I almost know how you felt the day I apparently rolled down the freshly painted red steps when I was a few years old. Tootsie got skunked!" My parents had a good chuckle over this.

Meanwhile, Tootsie smells a ton better and yet Ken and I are still sniffing and saying, "Do you smell that?"

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  1. Hilarious! Poor Tootsie... hope she learned her lesson. But pat her on the head for giving you something to blog about to make me laugh my head off this morning!!


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