Friday, December 10, 2010


Hospitality is a beautiful word. It something that we pride ourselves on. Most people, especially Southern people, want and are often known for their hospitality. Christmas is often a season where we roll out our red carpet of hospitality in many ways. It may be hosting a Christmas party, helping with a church event, or simply helping a family that may not be able to help themselves.

If you are hosting a Christmas party or family, keep it simple. We recently hosted a whole weekend with some family, and what a fun weekend it was! Our goal was to enjoy being with our family without being in the kitchen so much. One way we did this was we spent the week prior to their arrival completing different tasks around the house such as planning a menu, shopping for groceries, cooking, and cleaning. As we planned our menu, we thought about wonderful, delicious meals that would not take a whole lot of time, but something that our guest would enjoy. Our menu included two breakfast and a dinner. For breakfast we had sausage muffins and quiche one morning and homemade cinnamon rolls the next. For dinner we had hamburgers, hotdogs, and fixings. I put out a little candy corn and peanuts as we were waiting for everything to get finished. I allowed my guests to help in the kitchen. I love, love, love being in the kitchen with a lot of people. That is where the action is. Conversation is flowing and is often followed by laughter and the making of good memories. In order for this to happen, I spent some time before they came to brown the sausage for the muffins, pre-making my quiche, and patting out hamburgers and seasoning them. Then all that we had to do was put the food together and cook it! Easy, easy, easy and a whole lot of fun!

I encourage you to have a very stressless holiday season because the holidays are about being with others and making memories! Pre-plan as much as possible so that you can actually enjoy the holidays and not be running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

I also encourage you to give to others. I am not talking about your family and friends, but to other's family and friends. Participate in a toy or food drive, get an angel off the Angel Tree, call a school or a church to see if a family is in need of some help. You may think that you may not have enough for your own family, but I promise if you give from the heart, you will be blessed while helping someone else find hope.

Enjoy spreading hospitality and love this holiday season!

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  1. You are right Haven... hosting a party can be stressful, especially for us Southern gals! We have/are hosting two parties here this Christmas season and the first was over last night. I stressed all day yesterday trying to be sure the food, the house... EVERYTHING was perfect. It was but I realized I was stressing for no reason. Everyone had a wonderful time and we got lots of compliments. The next party in a week... I'm going to relax and not stress so much the day of so I can be rested and enjoy it more!

    Have a great weekend!


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