Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

• Being filled with stuffing stuffed with yummy, delicious, food!

  • Making some baby gifts with my mama.

• Seeing wonderful family and friends.

• Pouring over the Black Friday Ads.

• Ordering presents online while getting Black Friday deals and shopping in my jammies and then having my husband wanting to get out in the crowds.

• Finding some good deals and almost done with our list!

• Figuring out Promo Codes online.

• Finding Cricut assesories 50% off!

• Preparing to go see Starry Night by going through Wendy’s to get something to munch on. Having my daddy ask us if we knew if was St. Patrick’s Day because the lady with our food had green hair. Unfortunatey, she was also standing there when he said it. My daddy cannot whisper.

• Enjoying Starry Night at Shelby Farms with the family and a friend.

• Getting home early to prepare for the week, Girls Craft night, and grocery shopping!

This week I will be sharing our Christmas Décor! Have a wonderful week after Thanksgiving! If you are like me, I am ready to hit the gym for once!


  1. Yes. I totally must hit the gym. I can't wait to see your decorations. my tree is a work in progress. Sounds like you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Love the Wendy's mishap. Of course, maybe she was getting ready for hair with a touch of red lipstick! =) Glad you and the family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now the countdown is on til my Christmas holiday vacation that lasts til 2011. 5 more work days and counting!


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