Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Many Faces of Tootsie

If you are a dog owner, you know that they have amazing personalities! Tootsie is no different, and I continually am amazed at how funny she is! She loves to steal my socks and get under the bed just to aggravate. She thinks she is hilarious! Here are some pictures that Brook captured while she was here.

"I am so pretty. Please take a profile shot of me!"

Serious "I am so not in the mood for this."

 Semi smile, "I see you taking a picture of me!"

Bored "You are boring me. Can we play some ball please?"

"Daddy, I love you! You are the best!"

We love her and all of her many faces!

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  1. I truly believe dogs are to get us ready for parenthood. I love my baby and yes, she did make the Christmas card this year. I received my shipment today with the cards! I'm so excited to address all 100 envelopes. Ok, not excited to address them all but excited for everyone to receive them after Thanksgiving! Give Tootsie a pat on her cute head for me!


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