Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Highlights

• Went to an unexpected church Halloween party on Friday and had a lot of fun. I noticed this lady that was dressed up as a housewife in rollers, face mask, and house dress. As I neared, I realized it was my mother-in-law! She was so funny! Our church is so small that everyone was there and participated. Even one of the older deacons had on a fro. There was Johnny and June Cash, Indiana Jones, the Black Crow Indian, and several little monsters. I, myself, went as a gypsy fortune teller. We had to dress up for school, and I have to tell you that no one asked to look inside my wireless ball to tell their fortune. In fact, I had a 7th grade boy ask why I had on three different shades of blue. I'm monocromatic, what can I say? Finally, the preacher's wife asked, and I told her that her future was so bright that she had to wear shades. She told me how corny I was! Ha! I work with middle schoolers, taught six lessons on bullying and drugs that day, and drove for three hours across two states. Yes, corny I was.

Mama and Me

• Went on a hay ride where my mother had to put her hand over my mouth when the scary people came out of the woods with the chainsaws. Sometimes, I am a scaredy cat things just slip out unexpectedly.

• Did some wedding planning with one of Ken’s cousins who is marrying one of my cousins. Small town. Little to do but marry cousins in different families, that is!

• Meet a friend at the Merry Marketplace at the Agricenter and had a good time shopping and getting ideas.

• Got caught taking a cute picture of an owl that someone created. It was too cute not to do so. I thanked the lady and moved on!

• Meet up with some other friends and had some wonderful wings down at the Buffalo.

• Got to see one trick a treater that also happened to be a cousin.

• Watched my daddy try to squeeze into a 3 year old’s hat.

• Enjoyed a wonderful Sunday down at Temperance Hill. I always feel so loved when we go there with our family. I knew that my sweet Daddy would be singing, but was surprised that my sweet mama joined him for a duet! This was the first time I had heard either one of them singing, much less together. It brought tears to my eyes. I knew my papaw was in heaven just singing a long so proudly.

• Scrumptious birthday lunch cooked by my parents – kabobs, potatoes, salad, rolls, Italian cream cake, coconut pie, and cornmeal pie (my favorite!). So full, I think I can take a break from eating this week. On second thought …

• Received some great gifts and funny cards!

Vera Bradley Ditty Bag

 * I look forward to celebrating my 29th and holding Birthday on Tuesday!

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