Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Highlights

I told you all a story. I thought I would have nothing to blog about, but my weekend and latest complete projects proved me wrong. Here is goes:

• This weekend started with a phone call to my husband that began as, “You are going to think I am crazy, but can we hook up the inverter in the car so that I can hot glue some fabric as we travel to Mississippi?” His end, “Of course, we can. Where is your hot glue gun and glue sticks?” I don’t think my harebrained ideas faze him anymore. This is what I made:

• Visiting with the families


• Having family pictures on a red couch in the woods. Just wait until Christmas. And no, our dogs are not dead, they just will not be in the Christmas picture this year. Tootsie may get her own picture in addition to ours.

• Young Avenue Deli in the Cooper Young Area of Memphis, I just love you! Fellowship with dear friends, awesome sandwiches and fries, and wonderful sitting-on-the-patio weather.

• Mistletoe Market and getting a head start on Christmas presents

• Catching up on wedding and baby gift shopping

• Riding in Baby sisters yellow jeep as she learned to drive a standard. We were belting our “Goodbye Earl” because we are classy like that. Brushing out the rat’s nest that developed in my hair as we drove and sang. It happens.

• Sat around the dinner with my beloved Betty Love and family eating Daddy’s awesome no-sauce-needed steaks as we laugh, make fun of each other, as well as reminisce of our younger days as a family.

• Daddy pulling out his Otis Spunkmeyer cookie oven and making fresh chocolate chip cookies. We now call him Otis.

• Seeing one of my cousins wearing a headband that I made her.

• Teaching another cousin how to walk for her upcoming beauty pageant. Enjoyed showing how to SWING THOSE HIPS and having a beauty pageant smile. She will be a sassy, beautiful, and confident contestant. I can’t wait to here about her success!

• Having to roll down the window constantly on the way home because Tootsie had awful gas.

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  1. The added touch makes those pillows come alive.

    And as for Christmas card pictures, we are having the same problem. To put the dog in or not? Last year we didn't and got phone calls asking what happened because she has always been in the picture. We are scheduled to shoot ours next weekend and I'm hoping Marleigh will cooperate so she can be in this one. But we shall see.


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