Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. We went to Mississippi this weekend. Oh boy, did I have an exhausting good time.

2. Tootsie got sick and woke me up through out Friday night. I let her out the first time, but not the second. She sure showed me when she threw up on the living room floor.

3. Met one of my dearest friends for lunch. We had a great time talking and trying to prevent ourselves from being thrown out of the eating establishment. I enjoyed watching her twin boys and niece entertain themselves by running around the table dodging patrons with plates. She decided that we could hang out in her van while they watched a movie. Thank goodness for the movie until they had to potty. Oh, how I miss my friend and our wonderful conversations! We must do it again.

4. Went to my middle sisters to help with her apartment. Stayed up to 4 a.m. working on two projects. Will post later.

5. Caught up with my sweet-about-to-go-to-the-chapel-cousin, Amber, who thought hanging out with the Hale sisters would be fun.

6. Enjoyed a good ole’ toe tapping, foot swaying, hand clapping song at church. Being the good Baptists that we are, we smiled, nodded, and saved the toe tapping for our pews.

7. Enjoyed celebrating 80 years of Ken’s Ginga. The food, fellowship, and fun was fabulous!

8. Crashed for a nap before driving back to Bama.

9. Enjoyed laughing and sitting on the front porch drinking mint juleps without the mint juleps (Oh, Maskers, your songs never cease to pop up into head as I blog).

10. Took pleasure in never turning on the radio on our road trip back due to the riveting conversation between husband and wife.

11. Crashed at home. Tootsie waking us up again with stomach problems. Yes, she is a dog, and she is so preparing us for future children.

Be prepared for family project week! I will share projects that my mother and sister have done!

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  1. I love when #10 happens on our road trips. It's those conversations that are a treasure! Glad you had a great and exhausting weekend!


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