Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Switcharoo of the Ol' Living Room

Well, we have playing a very fun game of switcharoo of the setting arrangements in the living room

We have gone from this ...

To this unpleasant seating

And finally to this ...

My friend Lea Ann decided to sell one of her couches, so my very wonderful husband drove three hours in the pouring rain to get it. I like this a lot better than dining room chairs. What happened to my red couch you say? Well, my favorite middle sister wanted for her new place after I had to boot her out of my other house that we sold. I was ready for neutrals, so we loaded it up, drove it three hours, and heaved the heavy red sofa sleeper in her place.

Where did that coffee table come from you say? Well, Ken found a wonderful recipe for a coffee table and built it in one afternoon. We still have to stain it, but I thought blogging would be better tonight. So pictures of staining still to come! I was mighty proud of him.

Oh, the projects that I can think of now! We are still working on the living room. We finally got Ken a recliner since I kindasorta encouraged him to give up his other recliner when I moved in. I was so in newlywed mood then, but has soon realized that a man needs a recliner. A recliner helps a man watch shows like Ice Road Truckers, American Pickers, and anything else History is showing that night. If a man has to watch these shows, then he must be comfortable. I can't even get him out of it to take a picture.

It also gives me more room on the couch! Just kidding, darling!

I think he likes it just fine ...

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