Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Sweet, Sweet Sixteenth Birthday!

One of my sweet cousins just celebrated her 16th birthday, and asked our family to help plan it. What more could a 16 year old girl want than a dance party? She had that and a lot more.

A super cute and delicious cake!

Lots of tissue flowers filled the house ...

And dowel rods (I felt like I was in Liberty Land!)

(Sorry for the poor quality picture. Its the heat. It melted my camera as I tried taking pictures)

There were even some on the fence. Got to love some tissue flowers!

She had an awesome food area ...

And a dance floor that my father built. Her very talented mother built the canopy over the dance floor.  

Wouldn't you want to have your Sweet Sixteen here?

On Monday, I will share something that I made for the party.

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  1. Oh, this looks like the best sweet 16 party!! I know I would have loved it! And a dance floor to boot! Great job (: I know you're "little one" loved it too (:



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