Friday, July 23, 2010

Flower Friday!

Just wanted to share some flowers with you this week. They make me so happy! I love pulling into my house and seeing these beauties!

These flowers I planted in the fall. They were in a hanging basket and had white flowers. I just planted them in the ground to see if they came back, and they did, with a vengeance! I plan on dividing them up and planting them around the rest of this flower bed around the patio.

Of course my beloved zinnias ...

These are called Green with Envy




My tall zinnias in the cutting flower bed. I love these!

Even these lovelies managed to grow a little.

These are called candy stripes ...

I have really enjoyed looking out my kitchen window to see this ...



But what I like most about my garden is this ...

Especially when one of my best friends is coming this weekend to stay, shop, and ride all over Alabama visiting some college friends.

Stay tuned next week for blueberry recipes! Next week is my last week of vacation before school starts. I plan to live it up, but I think I will be a little busy. More on that later.

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