Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Snowy Chattanooga Valentine's Weekend

It was so beautiful driving up to Chattanooga Friday in the snow. It was as beautiful driving back home today as it was still snowing.

This also describes our wonderful Valentine's weekend - just beautiful! We had so much fun eating, being tourists, eating, bumping into some friends, eating, and watching the movie Valentine's Day. Did I mention eating? Sticky Fingers, Mellow Mushroom, P.F. Changs, Mellow Mushroom, and Cracker Barrel. Oh so yummy!

We stayed at the:

Ken had some points to get us two nights free! It was right across from:

 The Aquarium was fabulous! After fishing and swimming in the Tennessee River this summer, it was great to see what all we swam with! Makes me a little more apprehensive about jumping in. Maybe if I make a big splash, it will scare all the fishes away? I will just tell myself that the next time Ken wants to go for a swim, or maybe I will just throw him in first to see what gets him. Just kidding, honey.

After the Aquarium, we went to the IMAX to see "Under the Sea in 3D."

We had to wear some really cool glasses.
I love it when he wears his glasses!

This is the glass bridge leading to the Art District. Ken's mother told him about it, and it just so happened it was right next to the Aquarium. So me being afraid of just about everything, just stayed in the middle. One side was clear so you could see the road below and the other a little more cloudy. Ken enjoyed the clearer part.

We went to the Incline Railway. It was beautiful seeing Chattanooga from the top of Lookout Mountain. There were so many beautiful homes up there.

Also on this trip, I got to see lots of TVA buildings and areas. I think the prettiest is Raccoon Mountain where there is a hydroplant. I can't explain this process as good as my husband, so if you want more information, you will have to ask him. This would be a beautiful place to visit in the fall as well as the summer. There was a nice picnic area and lots of trails.

Later on, we picked up take out from P.F. Changs and went back to the hotel to watch the best lovey dovey movie of all times - Goodfellas. I love a good mobster movie. Makes you feel so warm and cozy inside.

On our way to the Aquarium, we ran into some friends from Huntsville. It was actually my big sis from college and her husband. They also told us about another couple that we know from Huntsville that was there as well! It was great running into them and catching up! We hope to see them soon!

It was a weekend of love, learning more about each other, and lots of good eating as well as a great trip to HomeGoods!
It was a beautiful and lovely snowy Valentine's weekend!

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