Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Freely Trapped

Today is a wonderful day at the Daniels house, between all the pounding and sawdust that is. Tootsie Girl and I are freely trapped in our bedroom. Just waiting to for the craziness to stop, and we can see our new kitchen floors. From what I can see, it looks great!

Can't wait to see this covered up

 With this:

 We have had a lot of fun back here. I have gone through my beloved Better Homes and Gardens magazines and tore out things that I like. (Thanks Brittany!) I have put new pulls on the dresser. I have about half my to-do list done, but decided to stop while I am ahead and blog. It is so nice to be able to do this.

I have one missing! Its in Ken's truck, so I will have to wait. Couldn't wait to take picture. Can you tell I am about stir crazy all ready?

I also added some fun blogs to my blog roll and have checked facebook about 100 times. I can tell that people are working today. Facebook has only had 5 updates since I checked it last. Sad. If it was Thursday, I could check out the lovely South Reporter and see what it is going on at home. It's not Thursday. Also, I seem to get hungry about every 2 hours or so, but can't go into the kitchen. 1). There are workers in there named Shane and Shane. 2.) They may think that I like to eat or something.

One may ask why I am not at work today.

I quit.

J/K. I have a few days off between substitute jobs to do as I please! It was so hard to leave my school yesterday where I was substituting as a school counselor. That was probably the best elementary school that I have ever been a part of! They even have an art gallery! I really enjoyed it and got a beautiful flower and plant arrangement to take home to remember them by. I will start my new job for the rest of the year next Tuesday where I will be a school counselor for a K-8 school. Feels like I am student teaching/interning again!This is what happens when you think that it will be easy to get a job when you move! I have been very blessed, though, and have met many wonderful people!

So maybe after the saw dust clears and the pounding stops, I can move around better. If only I could get rid of this Louis Armstrong voice that I have due to this nasty cold, it would be better. But for now, I will cuddle with Tootsie Girl and find a hot toddy recipe for later on tonight (Thanks for the idea, Alyssa).


  1. The floors look so nice! I can't wait to see the finished product. I am off today, too! The boys and I have been running errands and delivering homeade cinnamon rolls to friends. Wish you lived closer. You could have come hung out with us! Miss you!

  2. Wow, that original floor is one for the record books! Can't wait to see it all finished!


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