Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Party on the Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend in the wonderful town of Potts Camp as well as Holly Springs, Hernando, and a few minutes in Memphis! We were able to go to two birthday parties and catch up on some valuable family and friend time!
We came home due to a surprise party for my friend, Alyssa's husband Chris's birthday! We were able to stay at the lake house with wonderful friends - Lea Ann, her husband Steve, and Laura. It was so nice and peaceful that Ken and I stayed another night since neither of us had to work on Monday.

On Saturday, Alana, Laura, Lea Ann, Steve, Ken, and I went and ate lunch at Michael's Cajun Country in Holly Springs! I had a delicious Fried Green Tomato and Bacon sandwich! Later on the girls went in one vehicle to Memphis and the boys in the other. They were supposed to pick up Chris to take him to his birthday party, but ended up almost to Jackson, TN. This cut our quick trip to Garden Ridge short, but we were glad to pick him up. Poor thing, he probably thought no one was going to pick him up! He knew when I called, we would be a little late! I am almost always late to everything! It was nice to arrive with the birthday boy, so every one was glad to see you! We got to catch up with Sarah, Brad, and their precious boys Will and Reed. I loved holding Reed! He was so sweet! We also got to catch up with Mary Martha and Don. Mary Martha is always fun! I loved how our husbands gathered on one end, and us on the other. It was quite fun that all the girls were talking about blogs they enjoy reading! The party was at Cedar Hills Farm outside of Hernando in the community of Love! I always thought it would be fun to say that you lived in Love! I always smile going through there! Alyssa had great plans for Chris's outdoor party, but unfortunately the rain to cooperate! The food and cake was great! I practiced eating with a sleeping baby on m shoulder! It was quite interesting and will probably be great in a couple of years! Everything was wonderful! Fun was had by all!

On Sunday, we celebrated my dear sweet grandmother, Mama Betty's birthday! She is so precious, kind, thoughtful, and truly the most beautiful woman on the inside and out! I like to call her Little Sophia (like on the Golden girls) because you never know what funny thing she will say next! She is wonderful! She is one of the main reasons I started a blog, because I knew she would probably be the only one to read it and enjoy it! When I was little, any time any one asked who I looked like, I would say, "Mama Betty!" Don't you think that we look a like? Isn't she lovely?

Happy Birthday, Mama Betty!!!

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