Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Great Start to the New Year

We have had such a great start to the new year! Our car had died not once, but actually three times starting the Wednesday before Christmas, Christmas Day, and today! The first time I was driving and it completely freaked me out! Luckily, I have a very calm husband that can fix things, so he got it started and we continued on our journey to the big town of Potts Camp. After Christmas Day, we put it in the shop. My very sweet in-laws not only offered their car with seat warmers for the week, but also offered to bring our car to us in Corinth today! We had a very nice lunch at Ruby Tuesdays with them and traded cars! We were almost home when it quit three more times. Each time Ken would get it going. We even had a tow-truck coming, but was able to make it home! Thank goodness! It has been a very good car considering that it is almost 10 years old! So we will see! Other than that, Ken put a new storm door on the back door so that Tootsie girl can look out! I was able to make a table runner and am working on curtains for our bedroom. Got to love some Heat and Hem tape! I will post pictures soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

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